Can Bacterial Vaginosis Affect Men?

Bacterial Vaginosis is said to be the primary symptom of other sexually transmitted diseases but this disease itself is not very serious. Although this disease is mainly seen in women, men are also concerned about it and numerous questions about the disease are asked by men. Bacterial Vaginosis cannot be directly manifest in men but sexual intercourse with an affected woman will spread the disease and men can suffer from different symptoms. One of the diseases that can be caused by it is Candidiasis or Thrush, which requires serious treatments.

Bacterial Vaginosis is caused by the imbalance of the bacteria that live inside the vagina. Some of the bacteria are harmful and the rest protect women from the harmful ones. The symptoms of this disease only appear when the proportion of the harmful bacteria is becomes more than the good ones. These bacteria are important for different function in a woman’s body. Since men do no carry these bacteria, they do not have the risk of getting infected with it directly. But there are certain activities that can increase risk of getting symptoms of more advanced diseases. Doctors always recommend proper hygiene to prevent any kinds of symptoms.

But men who practice unprotected sexual intercourse with women who have Bacterial Vaginosis, have the risk of carrying the bacteria too. These bacteria can cause sore around the penis head and also form a cheese like substance on the tip of the penis. These symptoms are painful and can lead to other sexually transmitted diseases. This is why doctors prohibit men from having sex with women who suffer from Bacterial Vaginosis. Both men and women should not be alarmed if the symptoms of this disease are seen, though they should seek treatment at the primary stage so it can be treated effectively.

Breast Cancer In Men

Male breast cancer occurs when there is uncontrolled growth of cells in the male breast. Although this type of cancer is more common in women than in men, there are a percentage of men who suffer from it. This disease usually occurs in men who are in their sixties and seventies. Signs of this disease in men include discharge from the nipple, swelling, skin dimpling or nipple retraction. Breast lumps are easier to detect in men than it is for women. This is because men have less breast tissue than women.

Many men will fail to report any of the above symptoms for fear of stigmatization. Breast cancer is considered a woman disease, and most males will shy away from admitting that they could be suffering from it. Men usually suffer from a benign type of this disease called gynecomastia, which results in the increase of breast tissue. However, some medications have been known to cause gynecomastia, such as those used to treat acidity or high blood pressure. Men also suffer from the different types of the disease that are usually found in women.

Breast cancer in men could result from factors such as exposure to radiation, family history of the disease, including in female family members or even exposure to female hormones. A person will usually do a self-exam on himself and when anything unusual is detected, they go for further tests. This will include a mammogram, a biopsy or an ultrasound. As is the case with all cancers, not all lumps prove cancerous as they sometimes turn out as benign. In males, treatment of this disease is also done using a surgical procedure called a mastectomy. Males also go through chemotherapy and other hormonal therapies used on their female counterparts.

It is very important to have breast cancer detected early so as to get treatment started as soon as possible. This will also help in preventing the cancer cells from spreading to other tissues. In addition, survival rates for males are the same as for females if they are both detected at the same stage. It is very important for communities to begin support groups for survivors of this disease. The groups should involve both males and females. These groups should provide support, empathy, education and care for those that are undergoing treatment and for the survivors. It is also important to have family members and friends providing you with support on a personalized level.

Middle-Aged Men and Heart Disease

Unfortunately, when we think of heart disease the first and only thing that comes to mind is a heart attack. When in reality heart disease encompasses a wide range of maladies, from tumors to angina. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), heart disease is the leading cause of death for men. a website ran by The American Academy of Physicians, states, Heart disease is the leading cause of death among middle-aged and older men.

What is surprising is most heart disease can be avoided by making simple choices in lifestyle and diet. Some risk factors are out of your control, but some can be minimized if not eliminated by making better-informed choices. Although there are many risk factors, three are always in your power to control; these are weight, diet, and exercise.

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in our society and appears to be spreading globally. It seems everywhere you look there is another story expressing concern about the girth of Americans. We all know too much fat, processed food, and sugar can contribute to being overweight, but convenience over health seems to be the order of the day. Some may feel they are too far gone to turn around, but the two remaining factors in your control can help with weight control. It just takes patience, persistence, and a will to change.

Diet has become such a dirty word the mere mention of it sends chills up even the most diligent eaters spine. Getting back to the simplest and original use of the word diet may help to ease the anxiety of changing eating habits for the better. According to Webster’s Dictionary, diet is simply, Food and drink considered in terms of its qualities, composition, and its effects on health.In other words, what you eat, what’s in it, and how you feel after you eat it. By adding more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to your diet, you will make great strides in improving your overall health, which in turn will improve your weight.

The last factor, of course, is exercise. Contrary to the hype on television infomercials, you cannot eat all you want and not exercise. Exercise is vital for a healthy heart. The Physical Activity for Everyone section of the CDC website cites the 2008 Physical Guidelines for Americans as stating, Adults need to do two types of physical activity each week to improve your health- aerobic and muscle-strengthening. The recommended amounts are 2 hours and 30 minutes (150 minutes) of moderate-intensity aerobic activity (i.e., brisk walking) every week and two or more days of muscle-strengthening activities a week. They even suggest breaking it up into ten-minute bouts if the whole time is a bit much at first. The required time is not a lot when you think about it, but very beneficial.

Men – Time to Refresh and Rejuvenate Your Look – Without Surgery!

Guys – I’ve got a big news alert for you. That Marlboro man, Clint Eastwood, “rough”, worn down by life look – it’s out. Very out. And it’s been out for a long while now. Sun-damaged, rough, weathered, tough looking skin does not look good on Robert Redford and it doesn’t look good on you or anyone else for that matter. Shouldn’t your face evoke a healthy, robust, youthful image with softer, smoother skin and a spirit of energy and confidence?

Well you can have that look, without any surgery, recovery or significant down time. An amazing technological breakthrough happened kind of quietly while you were thinking how you would never get Botox, or a laser treatment, or forget about a face lift. Although no surgery or invasive methods are involved, the results are real, long-lasting and extremely satisfying. Men are increasingly discovering this procedure and looking great. I think it’s time for you too. We can get you there: a softer, smoother, refreshed appearance in just a matter of weeks. No incisions, no aftercare, no surgical risks-this is MicroNeedling Skin Rejuvenation-one of the most popular and one of the most effective facial rejuvenation procedures available in you plastic surgeon’s office today.

MicroNeedling Skin Rejuvenation has a bit of a scary sounding name but the treatment actually feels like nothing more than a little buzzing sensation on the surface of the skin. The treatments – almost like a high-tech super mini-acupuncture for the face – stimulate your facial skin to ramp up its collagen production. This results in improving the elastic tone of the skin; increasing firmness, tightness and smoothness. The skin gets a healthier look and it also feels smoother and softer to the touch. No chemicals, no lasers, no wounds, no incisions! There is nothing to “heal” but the changes are “real”!

MicroNeedling is performed in complete privacy, right in your Plastic Surgeon’s office as an outpatient. No operating room, no surgicenter. The Microneedling process is performed with a pen-like device which creates microchannels into the skin. Nothing is actually injected; the goal is the stimulation of the dermis. This stimulation releases special active biomolecules which jumpstart collagen production. Collagen is the key component of the facial skin giving it firmness, body, shape, and overall smoothness. Growth factors are also stimulated by this process which improves elastin content – improving tone and diminishing laxity; further enhancing smoothing and firmness. Other than some minor redness for 48 hours or less, there is really no recovery or down-time.

Visible improvements are often obvious in 1-2 weeks but amazingly, the results continue to gain momentum for many weeks. Most men will see positive rejuvenating effects ongoing for some 6-12 months!

A smoother, fresher, rejuvenated look with MicroNeedling Skin Rejuvenation can easily and simply be yours. Just say today is the day and you can start. There are no scheduling hassles, no labs, no bloodwork, no time off from work. This is a simple walk-in/walk-out office treatment. Your board certified plastic surgeon and certified esthetician are your properly qualified expert guides for this journey. Start with a professional evaluation and consultation and then continue right through your treatments with these experts. Guys-this MicroNeedling Skin Rejuvenation thing really works. Take charge of your life and get it done – you will be glad you did!

Top Diseases Suffered By Men

Men suffer a wide range of health problems during the cause of their lives. However, statistics in many places in the world show that men succumb more to some ailments compared to women. Some of the factors attributed to this include the slow pace of men while seeking medical help if ever. The good news is that not all males have to accept these statistics because you can do something about it. It is estimated that almost all life threatening conditions can be easily prevented and delayed. What are the top diseases in men?

* The first big one is heart disease. Men are likely to suffer this condition 10 years earlier compared to women. There are a myriad of causes when it comes to problems of the heart including poor lifestyle choices. Some of the things that can be done to prevent formation of common heart ailments is constant customized exercises, eating healthy and going for check ups regularly.

* Suicide and depression are other big health conditions that make the list of top male health concerns. It is observed that men will get worked up faster and loose hope quickly compared to women. Consequently, men are battling with bouts of depression and many more have already ended it through suicide. To remedy this problem, men are advised to be active in social groups as well as groups that provide support. Sharing trouble will allow them to see that problems affect all people and that life does not have to end. Depression as a disease should be treated with different available medical interventions.

* Strokes are common in men are caused by among others poor feeding habits and stress-related factors. It is possible to avoid this pitfall by observing basics of health in everyday life. Getting check ups on a regular basis cannot be overemphasized.

* Prostrate cancer in another condition in men and is actually leading cancer for males. It is second to lung cancer and this shows how serious this problem is. There are many risk factors to the condition among them genetics, age, smoking and the list goes on and on. This disease can be cured when caught in time. Many men have survived it.

* Lung cancer is another plague that affects men all over. Smoking is the leading culprit but exposure to pollutants and asbestos have played a major role in causing the cancer.