What are spider veins and how do they form? Are they real threat to your life?

Both spider veins and varicose veins are caused by too much pressure exerted on the veins as a result of lack of exercise, being overweight and, in some cases, sun exposure. The veins are responsible for delivering blood from the heart to the body, and to bring it back flowing in the opposite direction of gravity. They use a series of one-way valves that prevent blood from flowing back as it descends through the legs. As a result, the veins begin to change color and become inflamed, appearing on the surface of the skin in the form of ramifications. Often, spider veins can cause pain, burning, itching and discomfort while walking.

The information and suggestions contained in this article are for information only and should not replace consultations with medical specialists. In this regards, you can consult the specialist or take necessary medicine to fight against this disorder.

How can you treat spider veins?

Spider veins count as varicose veins. They also have the same causes:

  • The walls of the veins become flaccid with age
  • The blood is no longer transported fast enough and accumulates in the legs

Although laser treatment can help eliminate spider veins, its high cost does not allow everyone who is suffering from it to use it. The same happens with an injection that serves to improve the appearance of varicose veins for a period of up to two years, which is expensive. Although these treatments are effective, the results depend on the severity of each case. However, nature has provided us with a variety of plants that can be used for the benefit of our health. Here are some natural remedies that will help you fight this problem.


Thanks to its high content of vitamin K, an essential nutrient in the health of blood vessels, basil is a highly effective remedy when it comes to improving the appearance and occurrence of vascular spiders. In fact, research has shown that regular consumption of this herb can help improve the appearance of spiders in less than two months.

Lemon oil

Prepare homemade lemon oil according to the recipe. The prepared mixture can be applied to the affected area by the spider veins so as to gently massage to relieve swelling and improve blood circulation.

Cassis or blackcurrant

This powerful herb not only helps relieve the discomfort of spider veins but also helps to prevent the formation of new problems as it improves blood circulation. To prepare an infusion made from blackcurrant, add two teaspoons of dried leaves in a liter of boiled and still warm water, letting it sit for about 2 hours. Recommend drinking this preparation twice a day.

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