Waxing Services for Men and Women at Exclusive Day Spa in Alpine, Utah

In 2018, approximately 22.58 million Americans waxed at least one area of their bodies, whether this consisted of a brow wax, bikini wax, or wax applied to another area entirely.

Additionally, approximately 7.48 million of these individuals used wax to remove unwanted body hair at least four times last year. Some did it even more.

What benefit does this particular practice have to offer over other hair removal options, such as shaving?

Benefits of Waxing

One reason some people prefer waxing is that the results last longer. For instance, if you shave, it’s not uncommon to have to shave again within a couple of days to get rid of the new stubble that appears.

Yet, if you remove your unwanted hair via waxing, it can take weeks for the hair to regrow to the point where it extends outside the follicle since it is removed at the root during the waxing process.

Waxing is also a great way to exfoliate your skin. Because old, dead cells are removed along with the wax, your body’s largest organ is left feeling clean and refreshed.

The Wall Street International Magazine further adds that regular exfoliation makes your skin cleaner and more receptive to moisturizers and serums while reducing blemishes, pimples, and blackheads and improving blood circulation at the same time.

These benefits can be advantageous if engaging in a facial wax service—which may include a chin, neck, nose, or lip wax; a brow wax; or a full face wax—if this area is prone to skin issues. The same is true if you struggle with problems in the groin area, some of which may be helped with a bikini wax.

If the wax is used to remove hair in the underarm area, it can even reduce odors. For instance, one 2016 study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology found that waxing resulted in a “significant reduction” in underarm odor (75.3 percent) when compared to washing the area with soap alone.

Exclusive Day Spa Offers Numerous Waxing Services for Alpine, Utah Residents

If you’re ready to enjoy all of these benefits and more, and you live in the Alpine, Utah area, the exclusive day spa SpaVITA provides a variety of waxing services.

When you visit SpaVITA’s beautiful residential property in a specially built facility, you can literally wax most any area of your body from head to toe. You can receive a half leg wax, full leg wax, or bikini wax. You can also get an underarm wax, full arm wax, or waxing of your back or chest.

If it is facial hair that you’d like to remove and you live near Alpine, SpaVITA offers a full face wax. Alternatively, you can choose the specific area you’d like waxed, whether it be a brow wax, chin wax, or waxing of the nose, lips, or neck.

Waxing Options for Alpine Men and Women Both

These waxing services aren’t just for women either. In fact, many men appreciate SpaVITA’s extremely private location in Alpine because it keeps them from feeling the embarrassment they fear they may experience if seen going into a day spa in a public location.

This is important because one survey conducted by the Dollar Shave Club found that 83 percent of men surveyed revealed that they trim the hair on at least one area of their bodies.

Taking the Pain Out of Waxing

Though many people are concerned about the discomfort associated with waxing, the staff at SpaVITA is highly trained in methods that can help their Alpine, Utah clients reduce the pain and swelling that sometimes occurs after these hair removal sessions.

In addition, there are things that you can do yourself to minimize post-waxing pain. Among them are exfoliating before the wax, reducing your consumption of alcohol and caffeine, and not smoking.

Focusing on relaxation techniques can be beneficial too, especially if you plan to engage in hair removal in sensitive areas (like a brow wax or bikini wax). This can keep you from tensing your muscles, a factor that can make waxing feel more painful than it needs to be.

If you live in the Alpine, Utah area and want to learn more about SpaVITA’s waxing services, or if you’re ready to schedule an appointment and enjoy the benefits that waxing has to offer, contact them today. Their professional and experienced staff is ready to provide a positive waxing experience.

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