The doctor is in to see you now!

That is one of the first sentences you hear in the waiting room when you are waiting to see the doctor. Indeed, “the doctor is in to see you now”, and this is especially true for Ketamine depression doctors in Southlake TX. In case you are wondering, Ketamine is a special class of drug which is used to relieve the pain of all sorts, and our doctors use this wonder drug to heal our patients of depression – the enigmatic mental pain! We can do the same for you, read on to find out how!

What is depression?

Before we explain what exactly Ketamine is and how it can work wonders for your depression, let’s explain what depression is, to begin with. The medical definition of depression is, “a mental health disorder characterized by consistently depressed moods, or a loss of interest in activities which causes significant impairments in life.” (Mayo Clinic). As is obvious, depression can really pull you down mentally speaking, can make you feel bad and not even willing to get out of bed.  This can put a real damper on your life, especially if you are used to being very active.  Depression takes many forms:  it can be general depression, manic depression, or bipolar disorder. Ketamine can treat all of these forms of depression and many more!

Why Ketamine Care?

Now that you know what depression is and the havoc it can wreak on your brain and mental health, and now that you know what Ketamine is and how it can help, the next question to ask is, “Why Ketamine Care?”  But the question you should be asking is, “Why NOT Ketamine Care?”  after all, we have the best doctors in the industry in terms of treatment and management of depression.  This is because all of our doctors are board certified and have attended the best medical schools which specialize in psychiatry.  In addition, they have many years of experience, and an excellent reputation in terms of curing people with severe and chronic depression – think of the wonders which they can work in terms of curing you of your depression!

The conditions we treat…

  1. Chronic pain

Our ketamine infused treatments have been proven to effectively relieve back, bone, joint, and other types of chronic body pain!

  1. Depression

We find that when given as a medication to treat various types of depression, ketamine works wonders, especially in those instances where other medicines like Prozac, Abilify, and Wellbutrin, etc…have failed. We give the medication in IV form and our patients report dramatic improvements in both their depression and their moods within a matter of days!

  1. Bipolar disorder

At its most extreme, bipolar disorder can serve as a mental handicap for the people who have it because they tend to gravitate from one spectrum and extreme depression to the other. This can seriously interfere with their daily routines and lives. Our ketamine infused treatments are designed to give these people relief from this debilitating mental disease, especially when conventional medications and treatment plans have failed.

As is evident, ketamine can be viewed as a wonder drug, even if it is not a cure-all for all medical conditions. The best part of our treatment plans lies in our customer reviews and testimonials. We have hundreds of each type from satisfied customers who give us regular repeat and referral based business! Now that you know the wonders our Ketamine treatment plans can work for your depression and general body pain, why don’t you give us a call the next time you are feeling down?


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