PhenQ v/s Phen375: A Comparison

PhenQ and Phen 375 are both OTC weight loss pills. Although both products are very similar in their constituents and effects, online reviews can show you the difference in experience towards PhenQ v/s Phen375. This should help you make a more informed choice about the products.

What is the difference between PhenQ v/s Phen375?

  1. Difference in ingredients

Both these pills share common ingredients with known effects of excess body fat. However, certain ingredients do differ. You can visit their respective websites to get a full account of the same. However, it is important to note that PhenQ is extremely transparent with their ingredients and provides an in-depth explanation of the same. Phen375 provides very limited insight.

  1. Difference in effect

Both the products aim to help the general populace in the aim to lose extra fat.  However, there is a difference in approach. Not only does PhenQ have a more transparent approach to sharing their ingredients, but it also has a wider approach to what it targets. For instance, Phen375 claims to suppress appetite. On the other hand, PhenQ suppresses appetite by specifically targeting a person’s craving for carbs and sugar.

  1. Difference in the target population

PhenQ and Phen375, both aids in weight loss and are quite effective in doing so. However, the method of approach indicates that the intended target population is vastly different. PhenQ helps the general population with an aim to lose excess weight do so. ON the other hand, Phen375 has been observed to work best for people who are overweight or obese. It should be noted here that neither of the pills has put forth any such claims. This has been the observation of the customer reviews online.

  1. Difference in billing

The price of both the products is similar. However, the difference lies in the discount offers and the availability of free shipping. PhenQ provides free worldwide shipping where Phen375 does not.

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