Men’s Pride Revitalizes Erectile Dysfunction


A woman has been struggling with a serious look. Recently, I met with a few men and spent the night, but they were often embarrassed because their partner failed to get an erection or died during the relationship. She said she had no luck in choosing her opponent, and she said that she would blame her for trouble.

Urologists diagnose erectile dysfunction if the penis is not strong enough to allow vaginal insertion during sexual intercourse, or if the penis does not last long even if it is erect. Cure erectile dysfunction is the most common sexual dysfunction with premature ejaculation and is a recent occurrence in young people.

Psychological pressures and trauma, such as ‘do well’, are the biggest causes, and adult diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia can also be affected. Experts say that erections are rarely interrupted during relationships because they are not as sexy as some women worry.

If you suspect erectile dysfunction, you can use a variety of tests to diagnose your condition. The types of tests include special chemistry and hormonal examination, auditory stimulation penis erection test, neurological test, drug erection test, complex dual ultrasound test, and multifaceted test.

Treatment methods include drugs, injection methods, extracorporeal shock rupture therapy, penile implants, and the like. In particular, the IVF treatment device can induce spontaneous erection without surgery. It stimulates the secretion of vascular endothelial growth factor substances by external shock waves, creating new blood vessels and regenerating erectile tissues of muscles and nerves.

I searched for Lee, Yoon-Soo and Sung-Woo Urology, located in Eulji-ro. The erectile dysfunction device uses a forearm-sized rod connected to a large device to stimulate the middle of the penis. I tried it on my arm, but it was painless and had no side effects. Usually, six times a week for three weeks, twice a week.

If the drug doesn’t work, try penile implants. In particular, the majority of pediatric diabetics have difficulty in erection, so this operation is often performed before marriage. Depending on the patient’s condition and willingness, flexion, self-expansion, and fragment expansion implants can be selected.

We looked at the three-piece inflated form that creates the state similar to the natural erection among the existing implants. In the case of surgery using this implant, one cylinder is placed on each erection, a pump is installed in the scrotum, and a reservoir containing 50 to 60 cc of liquid is planted in the lower back after the pubic bone. If you press a small pump in the scrotum a few times, the liquid in the reservoir will move to the cylinder inside the erection to create an erection state.

Dr. Yoon-Soo Lee said, “Segment expansion is excellent in patient satisfaction, penile stiffness, the circumference of the penis, and naturalness of erection.” ”He explained.

Erectile dysfunction is not a sin. ever, it is important to keep in mind that neglecting and continuing to avoid relationships can seriously affect heterosexual relationships and marriages. Gone are the days of reluctant urology and obstetrics. If you find a problem with yourself, you should go to the hospital. Is it a waste of youth to you?

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