Common Misconceptions Surrounding Care Homes

As the years are going by, people in Wokingham and all over the globe, are slowly warming up to the idea of moving their elderly into care homes. But sadly, time and again, the society and its fear mongering members spread rumours and misconceptions about care homes that leave a lasting stain on the whole industry.

There are lots of high quality care homes in Wokingham and all over the UK, still, people fear that their loved ones won’t be safe in these establishments. The reasons? Well, there are many misconceptions which people take as valid reasons for not sending their elderly to these establishments. It is time for you to debunk a few popular misconceptions about care homes once and for all in the following sections.

Let’s get right to it now, shall we!?

Common misconception #1 – Care homes are ideal for sick people only

Yes, the terminally ill are in better hands when they are in a care home but that doesn’t mean that these establishments are meant for only the sick. These facilities always have two distinct sections:

  • A medical care wing
  • A non-medical care wing

The medical care wing looks after the elderly who need special medical attention, 24/7 due to their terminal medical condition. The non-medical wing, on the other hand, is meant for the elderly who are medically fit and fine but need assistance with shopping, preparing meals, keep themselves clean or who simply needs some companionship to keep boredom at bay.

So you see, care homes are not only meant for the sick.

Common misconception #2 – care homes are expensive

No, not at all! As per several independent surveys conducted in recent years, the cost of moving into a care home is not more than six pounds per hour. The bottom-line – it is far more affordable and safe to move into a care home if an elderly want to live the rest of their lives in serenity without bleeding their banks dry.

Common misconception #3 – One cannot trust caregivers

This is so wrong! When you move into a reputed care home or make arrangements for the elderly in your family to move into one, you can rest assured that the elderly will be in trustworthy and caregiving hands. These establishments have strict hiring policies.

They hire only those individuals who have years of experience in this field. On top of that, they make sure the staff in their establishment are:

  • Well aware of medical emergencies
  • Have impeccable communication skills
  • The ability to cope with the personalities and unique traits of the elderly individuals they will be caring for.

So, bottom line, this misconception is debunked.

Many people have a misconception that is hilarious, to say the least, and definitely deserves a place in this post since we are debunking popular myths related to care homes. The misconception surrounding care home that plagues most is that an individual loses their independence the moment they step inside a care home. That is not the case. It is just the opposite. An individual is provided with all that he or she needs to maintain their independence. In the end, it is evident that moving into a care home is not a bad idea.

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