Bath Lifts for the Elderly

Do you have a senior in your home that needs help to move around the house, use the bathroom or even move up and down the stairs? You should not hesitate to buy bath lifts for the elderly for that individual. The earlier you do this, the better so that those assisting the senior in the home can be free from the burden and quit complaining. While the senior may still need one or two assistants after he starts using the bath lift, he will be less-dependent, and you can invest the time spent in moving the senior to the bathroom on some other very important things. Check below for some of the very important tips to consider when buying the bath lift.

Check for the safety features

One of the first features to consider when buying a bath lift for the elderly is the safety features in the bath lift. Do not buy if it does not have adequate safety features to keep the end user safe while using the bath lift. The safety features are even more critical if the senior will be operating the bath lift by himself. Check if it comes with audible alarms, as well as visual indicators for the battery so that the end user can know when it is time to charge the battery. Does it swivel? Swivelling will make it easy for the elderly to mount and dismount the bath lift safely.

Ease of operation

Furthermore, you should find out how easy it is to operate the bath lift before you buy it. Find out if all the essential controls can be easily reached while sitting in the bath lift. Are the control buttons large enough for easy handling?  The inflatable type of bath lift is among the best for a senior; it can be quickly lowered or lifted from the bath without injury to the end user.

Ease of installation

Before you buy bath lifts for the elderly, you should also find out if the installation process is easy. While it is almost impossible to install the bath lift by yourself, you must consider the interest of other people who may also want to use the bath lift. You may also request for bath lift demonstration from the outlet before you buy. During the demonstration, the sales outlet will show you how different bath lifts work and how to install each of them, leaving you to decide which one is best for you.

Consider price

The issue of cost is also very important when looking for a bath lift. You should consider your budget before buying the bath lift. If you do not have money for a new one, you can go for a used one, provided it is still in good shape. You can equally rent a bath lift if it is needed just for a short spell; the rented one will cost you a very little amount of money.

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