A 21st Century Treatment for Epilepsy Sufferers

A leading UK based research team have identified that when cannabis is used on a daily basis, epilepsy sufferers who experienced regular seizures were able to reduce the number of seizures that they experienced. This adds weight to the numerous anecdotal claims that cannabis does indeed reduce the number of seizures that people experience. We thought we’d take a look at the various strains that are available that could potentially help reduce the number of seizures that sufferers experience.

Charlotte’s Web

One of the most popular strains that we would recommend is Charlotte’s Web. This can be quite a strong strain to use, so make sure have built up some sort of tolerance to THC before using this strain for the first time. The strain was actually created for epilepsy sufferers to help reduce the episodes of seizures that these people suffered from, and the strain gets its name from the small trichomes which resemble a spider’s web. We would recommend using this strain both at night and during the day.

Grape Kush

This is a strain that has a low concentration of CBD, with concentrations of around 2%. This is a great strain to use at night, as it can result in couch lock if you use it first thing in the morning. As the name suggests, the taste is a grape flavour, which is sweet and pleasant which will leave you coming back for more! The strain also has the added benefit of improving the user’s mood, as well as reducing seizures, so it is ideal for sufferers of depression.

Key Lime Pie

Lastly, we would recommend Key Lime Pie. This is an ever popular Indica-dominant hybrid with a lot of anecdotal evidence which suggests that it is excellent for reducing seizures in patients. The mint like taste is refreshing and an added hint of spice offers a unique taste which few other strains can match. The reviews for Key Lime for the purpose of reducing seizures is very good, so this is an excellent strain to try. It is also commonly used by chronic pain sufferers and is ideal for beginners who haven’t used cannabis before.

Sometimes the best recommendations come from your local dispensary, so why not check out your nearest dispensary, which can be searched for using this tool – https://cannabis.net/find/dispensary. Do you use a particular strain that works for you? Be sure to let us know!

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