PRP treatment or PRP facials for skin

You must have heard about Platelet-rich plasma facials treatment which is also known as PRP facials. This treatment starts with your blood drawn from your arm and then put in into a machine named a centrifuge. This is a medicated process hence everything is done by a medical practitioner. Your blood sample is put into this machine to separate the red blood cells so that the remaining platelet-rich plasma can be used in the facial process. In this facial, your own plasma and platelets are utilized on your face and then the doctors inject in your skin by the process called micro-needling. This is a short procedure as with the entrance of plasma in your skin, your skin will start rejuvenating itself, your wrinkle portion will get tighten up, the entire look of your face will smoothen up. This treatment promotes collagen growth. 

Some people need to do this only once, while others need to have several sessions that completely depend on their body. The more you will have this facial, the more results you can see on your skin. The advantage of this PRP-treatment is it can change the entire look of your face, there is not at all any chance of allergy or any negative reaction as the plasma is your own. There will be minimal pain and discomfort but that is there in every treatment or surgery. But this discomfort does not last long as this is a short-time process. This facial can make you look younger and healthier. 

Before starting with this treatment, the doctors utilize a numb cream on your skin so that you may not feel any pain or anything. They first infuse hyaluronic acid into your skin to ensure that your skin is well hydrated. Then they put plasma on your face and then with the help of a micro-needling device, they inject the plasma into your skin. Micro-needling promotes collagen growth and thus you get double benefits. After the process is done, you might feel a little pain on your face for which you will be given medicines by the doctor. For deep fine lines, Botox can be combined with this treatment. 

Results will take a minute to come up especially after the first facial. Within few days of your treatment, you will see a natural tightness in your skin; you will feel a natural glow on your face and an overall healthier look as well. The results of this treatment can last for 4 to 6 months. After every 4 months, you must go for this treatment in order to have the best results. To maintain the results, this treatment needs to be done on time. There is not at all any risk of getting infected after this treatment as your own plasma is getting used on your body; thus there will be no infections or anything. But before carrying out this treatment, it is a must on your part to consult your medical practitioner first as he can offer you the best piece of advice as per your health and body.

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