Top Diseases Suffered By Men

Top Diseases Suffered By Men

Men suffer a wide range of health problems during the cause of their lives. However, statistics in many places in the world show that men succumb more to some ailments compared to women. Some of the factors attributed to this include the slow pace of men while seeking medical help if ever. The good news is that not all males have to accept these statistics because you can do something about it. It is estimated that almost all life-threatening conditions can be easily prevented and delayed. What are the top diseases in men?

* The first big one is heart disease. Men are likely to suffer this condition 10 years earlier compared to women. There is a myriad of causes when it comes to problems of the heart including poor lifestyle choices. Some of the things that can be done to prevent the formation of common heart ailments are constant customized exercises, eating healthy, and going for checkups regularly.

* Suicide and depression are other big health conditions that make the list of top male health concerns. It is observed that men will get worked up faster and lose hope quickly compared to women. Consequently, men are battling bouts of depression and many more have already ended it through suicide. To remedy this problem, men are advised to be active in social groups as well as groups that provide support. Sharing trouble will allow them to see that problems affect all people and that life does not have to end. Depression is a disease that should be treated with different available medical interventions.

* Strokes are common in men are caused by among others poor feeding habits and stress-related factors. It is possible to avoid this pitfall by observing the basics of health in everyday life. Getting check-ups on a regular basis cannot be overemphasized.

* Prostate cancer is another condition in men and is actually leading cancer for males. It is second to lung cancer and this shows how serious this problem is. There are many risk factors to the condition among them genetics, age, smoking, and the list goes on and on. This disease can be cured when caught in time. Many men have survived it.

* Lung cancer is another plague that affects men all over. Smoking is the leading culprit but exposure to pollutants and asbestos has played a major role in causing cancer.

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