Can Bacterial Vaginosis Affect Men?

Can Bacterial Vaginosis Affect Men?

Bacterial Vaginosis is said to be the primary symptom of other sexually transmitted diseases but this disease itself is not very serious. Although this disease is mainly seen in women, men are also concerned about it and numerous questions about the disease are asked by men. Bacterial Vaginosis cannot be directly manifest in men but sexual intercourse with an affected woman will spread the disease and men can suffer from different symptoms. One of the diseases that can be caused by it is Candidiasis or Thrush, which requires serious treatments.

Bacterial Vaginosis is caused by the imbalance of the bacteria that live inside the vagina. Some of the bacteria are harmful and the rest protect women from harmful ones. The symptoms of this disease only appear when the proportion of the harmful bacteria is becomes more than the good ones. These bacteria are important for different function in a woman’s body. Since men do no carry these bacteria, they do not have the risk of getting infected with it directly. But there are certain activities that can increase risk of getting symptoms of more advanced diseases. Doctors always recommend proper hygiene to prevent any kinds of symptoms.

But men who practice unprotected sexual intercourse with women who have Bacterial Vaginosis, have the risk of carrying the bacteria too. These bacteria can cause sores around the penis head and also form a cheese-like substance on the tip of the penis. These symptoms are painful and can lead to other sexually transmitted diseases. This is why doctors prohibit men from having sex with women who suffer from Bacterial Vaginosis. Both men and women should not be alarmed if the symptoms of this disease are seen, though they should seek treatment at the primary stage so it can be treated effectively.

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